Youth and tribalism, Time to part ways!


By Hashim Muktar

To many we are in a modern and more civilized world where people are trying to inter-connect by forgetting about their race or color, but to the Young people of North-eastern -Kenya, that time might not have reached yet.

Youth the World over are working together and in singles to change the lives of their communities for the better. The innovatively work and introduce new gadgets, programs and initiatives that not only benefit their communities regardless of their tribe, but also a lot of other people in the World.

For example, we use the social media on daily basis. Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp…were all developed by youthful people. The infamous Arab uprising in Tunisia, Eqypt and Libya were midwifed by youthful people.

Why is it that in North Eastern, Majority of the youth do not engage in productive activities that will up lift their living standards and that of the society at large?

Tribalism has found a deep root in the heads and hearts of young people, which I can say it’s worse than how tribalist our grandfathers were!!

Many Young people have taken tribalism to a further extent of using social media to try to identify who they are, about their forefathers and ancestors and to me this is a big Tragedy.

Tribalism has now become a very dangerous virus that is running in the blood of young people and efforts to look for its cure seems to be hard day after day as the virus has taken over everything in our lives from the schools, the streets, the estates, hotels, businesses and even Masjids.

But how can we get atleast a vaccine for it and prevent its spread to the young ones at home? Now to prove that tribe/clan has no place in our lives, one has to look at the roots of his/her parents and up to grandparents and you will notice no one has a straight root. I mean in between you will find your great grandparents might not have been of your tribe.

Okay that might be long way to take but look at both your parents. Are your dad and mum related? Do they have the same DNA? The answer is NO!  Actually, if you follow the DNA of each of them its certain that you will find they are of different chains.

You are young and instead of using your energy and time more effectively and in better issues you brag about what tribe you are and use your tribal name to harass others…

Hold on!! There is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s tribe, but boasting about it is problematic, sickening and worse disgusting… Whether your tribe controls Wajir, Garissa or even Mandera County, whether your tribe is the biggest, or superior in name or wealth that will never add anything to you!!!It will never ever help you have a good and happy life…It will Never Ever upgrade your status before God..It won’t help you get a VIP burial…But you know what? It will make you arrogant, and hey!! REMEMBER the prophet (Pbuh) said, “No one enters Paradise if they have in their heart a grain weight of arrogance”… We need to REMEMBER we are all from ADAM and Adam was from SAND so we will all end up back in the sand one day, a dark grave cradling our soul, with no last name or tribe’s name.

My Brother/Sister You are young and just to remind you, and your true worth is not about what tribe you are!! Or my leader is my tribesman!! Or I share ancestor with such and such leader…No!! Your worth and value lies only in your character.

Why don’t you drop that tribe/clan Pride? I don’t care!!! Surely I don’t care what tribe you are from!!!! AM just telling you Stop being arrogant and Stop using social media to spread your DISEASE …Yes that DEADLY disease of tribalism…and Remember the Only thing that will help you in this World and the hereafter is knowing we are all United by the words, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger”…anything else that comes to your mind after that in the name of trying to establish yourself, Just know that you’re on a path similar to Assiraat (bridge sharper than sword and thinner than a strand of hair -and below there is Hell… Let us grow out of the shell of tribalism and focus on empowering our society to give back, without obstacles and ideologies… OPEN YOUR MIND AND CURE YOURSELF NOW!

Hashim Muktar is a Journalist from North Eastern Kenya and is currently based in the Middle East.




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