Young Kenyan Environmentalist appointed as an African Development Ambassador.


Environmentalist Abdikadir Aden Hassan from Garissa County has been appointed as an African Development Ambassador.

Amb. Abdikadir plating a tree at Ngong forest

He has been a young leader who has exhibited a big change for his society with a big passion for his community. This comes three months after he was awarded African International Achievers Award- Volunteer of the Year 2013 for his philantrophy by Africa Achievers International and Nile African Development.

These institutions have again appointed him as an African development Ambassador to be a future hope for the young people especially in Kenya and Africa at large.

Abdikadir has dedicated his whole life advocating for peace and environmental conservation activities.

Just last year, he was recognized by the President Uhuru Kenyatta as a Kenyan hero and was awarded Head of State Commendation for his contributions to national development in the Kenya@50 celebrations.

And here at home, the county Government of Garissa has appreciated his selfless service to our people. Governor Nathif Jama recently gave him a medal for his outstanding services to the people of Garissa County.

Garissa County Governor handing a medal of honour to Abdikadir Aden

“In the recent years, Africa has faced so many social issues and most of African nations are developing ones. These current issues affect us so much thus making us to lag behind. The future is Africa. As young leaders, we must focus on agendas that will develop the continent of Africa forward. We must address issues that affect us and promote issues that add value to the development and stablity of Africa” he says.

Speaking during celebrations to mark International Day of Forests 2014,  Amb. Abdikadir urged Kenyans to dedicate their commitment towards ensuring environmental sustainability and to protect our forests.

He has emphasized on the vital role of forests and pledged to work together with all stakeholders to protect and sustainably manage them and to combat climate change together.

“ We are very proud of young people like Abdikadir coming up and taking the right roles in the scoiety. We hope to have more of this in the future and more and more recognition for such admirable work” says Amb. Beckie Masiro who is the representative, Project and Business Director, Africa Achievers International and Nile African Development based Kenya office in Nairobi.

Hon. Abdikadir, HSC, has recently kicked off a campaign to plant 1 Million trees in Garissa county and the beauty of his work is evident in all the places that were lucky to host him.

Kaddy, as his peers fondly refer to him, has a bright future. One that will see him save our region from degenerating into a desert. And as he strives to make our lives better, he deserves more accolades and support.

Bwana Ambassador, Please receive a medal from, We have planted a tree in our compound in your honor.




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