Young Ambassador urges Garissa County residents to unite towards development.

Peace Ambassador Abdikadir Aden, HSC

Peace and Environmental Ambassador Abdikadir Aden, HSC, has urged the residents of the entire Garissa County to unitetowards the development of their county.

Speaking during an iftar hosted by the First Community Bank, Abdikadir has emphasized on the need to come together for a common purpose; improving the lives of the People of Garissa County.

“Time for elections and court petitions are over and there is a need to give His Excellency the Governor Nathif Jama Adam all the support he needs. Due to the election petition that has cost us time, we are a bit behind schedule as compared to other counties. We now have the green light so that the Governor and his entire team can deliver to the people of Garissa all their election manifestos and pledges” he said.

“We must put aside our differences and issues that will divide us no matter how small. All we want is unity. With peace, love and harmony, everything will be achieved. It is high time that we realize the dream of Garissa we want and enjoy the fruits of devolution. This is the time that we must more than ever appreciate the new Constitution of Kenya for giving us the opportunity to take our county from where it was to where we feel it should be now that all resources have been devolved” added Ambassador Abdikadir.

“The young generation and women should be given all the available opportunities since they constitute majority of the population. From 30% of opportunities being given to youth and the 30% representation of women as provided in the constitution. Their involvement will give us good end results. Financial institutions needs to tap them and provide friendly opportunities to them to allow them venture into entrepreneurship and green businesses” He adds.

On environment, Abdikadir has urged the county government to be prepared in combating effects of climate change since its trend cannot be predicted. He has urged them to initiate mitigation measures that will address it and come up with good environmental practices that will make Garissa a green county.

Abdikadir envisions to see a Garissa that will be exporting fruits and vegetables to other parts of the world and being home ground for investors to exploit all the available opportunities; so that the county can sustain itself and be the highest contributor of revenue generated to the national treasury.




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