Why we should be wary of new Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery


By Suleiman Hassan.

Ole Lenku and Nkaissery

Following months of hue and cry over the security situation of the Country, President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday announced that Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku has been shown the door and nominated retired army General Joseph Nkaissery to take his place.

While Ole Lenku was soft spoken and sometimes appeared not conversant with matters security, his successor is no push over.

He served in the Kenyan military and no doubt understands security matters more than his predecessor. However, he is accused of high handedness during his tenure in the army.

The former army man who is currently the Kajiado Central MP is adversely mentioned in the TJRC report over the 1984 military operation – operation Nyundo, which was meant to disarm the Pokots.

The TJRC accused him and Mr. Peter Langat, a District Commissioner then, of having orchestrated what came to be known as the “Loitiriri Massacre”

Extract of the TJRC report implicating Mr. Nkaissery

Many people lost their lives and over 20,000 animals starved to death. It was also punctuated with rape and beating of the locals.

After the report was made public, he refuted the claims of committing any crime saying the operation was given the green light by the National Security Council then led by retired President Moi.

Prior to the 2013 general elections, Nkaissery was accused of hate speech. He publicly told non Masaai’s not dare seek to run for top elective posts in the Masaai inhabited counties of Kajiado, Narok and Samburu.

“We don’t want tribes other than Maasai to contest the seats of Governor, Senator or Women representatives. They can buy farms here, they can do business here, they can even marry our daughters, but we are telling them to leave these positions for the indigenous people” he said.

These sentiments contravene Chapter 4 section 38 of the National Constitution which gives every Kenyan of sound mind the right, without reasonable restrictions, to be a candidate for public offices and if elected to hold the said office in any part of the Country.

The onus of his final appointment rests with Parliament which has to vet him and approve his appointment.




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