Why Hilary lost the race to white house.


By Abdihakim Ifiye:

Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the hotly contested US elections, 2016.

Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the hotly contested US elections, 2016.

Americans are yet to come to terms with Hilary Clinton’s defeat. Now that the shockwave passed, let’s see what might have made the democratic candidate lose the race to the oval office.

It is a known fact that incumbent parties rarely hold on to the reins of power beyond two terms in the World’s most powerful nation. Only George HW. Bush’s succession of power from President Ronald Reagan was an exception.

Now, Clinton’s lose to Trump isn’t a miracle but his defiance of the World’s expectations is the miracle.

Nobody took him serious during the republican primaries or even during the just concluded election. The CNN moderated debates wrote him off and gave him little points than he really deserved.

Trump invested heavily in faulting Obama’s administration and the democratic camp as a whole. He made Americans believe that America’s economy is ailing because of bad trade deals and ‘raped economy’ as he called it. He specifically blamed China of ‘rapping’ America’s economy.

The republican tycoon also took advantage of the timing of the US Federal Bureau of Investigations’ investigation on the democratic candidate’s leaked emails which she got cleared of just a few days before the elections.

Trump based his campaign pledges basically on Americans fears. He pledged to deport illegal immigrants, bring back home American forces fighting in foreign nations and revive America’s ailing economy.

Unfortunately, Clinton failed to address these issues or even make Americans believe otherwise.

Simply Clinton was not able to articulate a convincing campaign message for the modern American society that is burdened by bulks of fears.


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