What can we learn from Trump’s victory?


By Hassan Farah

Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the hotly contested US elections, 2016.

Mrs. Clinton lost to Donald Trump in the hotly contested US elections, 2016.

The media’s crookedness and culpability

You all expected Hillary’s landslide victory especially if you were one glued to be served some leakages on the election proceedings.

This has at last backfired as it turned out to be one an unfair coverage that was intended to disparage, garbage and make Trump play second-fiddle.

The West preaches foolery by always claiming women should be given equal opportunities to men.

The West has always bemoaned the status of women in Islam. They’ve always condemned and maligned Islam on how it treats its women. They say Islam is graceless and cruel to its women.

This election was a test for them. It was so pivotal in the sense that it would outline and expose their hypocrisy.

How they failed in the biggest test in history is so laughable. The fact remains that Clinton lost because of one reason; she is a woman. Full stop.

RACISM has never died.

Another reason why Clinton failed is because she is less racist. Tribalism is for Africans while racism the relative version of tribalism. They are both unhealthy and makes minorities suffer.

Trump is the lead racist. The whites should never again lecture us on tribalism. The leading country in ‘democracy’ has itself made history by voting along tribal lines.

Today with a lot of expectations, we all watched US speak. We wanted to witness history as events unfold. To our dismay, they profoundly blundered when they sent more questions than answers.

The writer is a student at Kenyatta University.






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