We missed the point!


By Sabdow Bashir

In passing the security amendment Act 2014, Jubilee won, Cord lost but as Kenyans WE MISSED THE POINT.

Following years of rising insecurity in Kenya that led to the lose of life and property, we definitely needed to tighten our grip on matters of security in the country.

It was to re-strategize our approaches both thoughts and actions. But did we need to change our laws that touched on security? Perhaps yes, but did we need to beat and bite ourselves? We have repeatedly repealed laws since independence, we even overhauled our constitution but we never degenerated to this level of cannibalizing ourselves. We really missed the point but where and when did we miss the point?

In my view, we missed the point when we refused to think outside the box and instead narrowed down our thoughts to thinking along party lines.  Parties that are devoid of ideologies and principles. Parties that ceased to live to the expectations of true modern day political parties but rather degenerated in to conglomerations of clan outfits.

Parties that turned into individually owned shops that close when the owner goes for ciesta and reopen at his/her will.  Parties that have no principled followers but fanatics that bear semblance to cult groups whose emotions are whipped at will by the cult leaders.

We missed the point when we refused to think as one nation with common interests and pledge the same loyalties but instead acted as groups of nations with divergent loyalties and interests.

We missed the point when refused to reflect back and see how far we have come but instead dwelt so much of our thoughts and energies on supremacy wars among our “shop owners “.

We missed the point when we refused to focus ahead in terms of the key things affecting us as a nation but instead we blurred our vision and diverted our attention to unnecessary side shows and parochial issues.

We missed the point when we refused to value the hefty price we paid so far for us to be where we are today, in terms of democratic space as well as the serenity and peace we enjoy.

We missed the point when we refused to live as brothers and sisters albeit our differing opinions but instead acted as sworn enemies forcefully brought together.

We missed the point when we refused to learn from past experiences including our history and that of our neighbours.

We polarized this country in 2007-08 elections, I hate to discuss the end result of that polarization but you and I know the aftermath. Our neighbours Somalia did not woke up one day to find themselves in their present status, but there were numerous tale-tale signals before the boat actually sunk.

Where do go from here?
Our elders say, “the path missed during hours of darkness can be retraced during daylight”
Surely and sincerely we are wallowing in an hour of darkness. We cannot find the route while we are still under the influence of what has already blurred our vision.

We need to sober up. We need to sit down as a nation and rethink as this hour of darkness passes. Otherwise, we might hit our heads on some sharp unseen objects and gorge out our eyes. I don’t want to be part of a blind nation and I believe none of us want to go that road, but, through our actions, words and thoughts, we are unknowingly driving ourselves towards that direction.

Mr. Sabdow Bashir is an Environmental management & sustainability expert




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