Ward football tournament for youth awareness creation concludes in Rhamud Dimtu


A football tournament of various Locations in Rhamu Dimtu came to an end today. The event organized by the area Member of County Assembly Nur Mohamed and relevant officials from Mandera County government was aimed at fostering unity and exploring talent as well as encouraging the youth shun social ills and crimes.

Recently, reports emerged of frequent abuse of codeine syrup, an addictive substance by the youth in Mandera.

“The main agenda of the tournament is to bring our youth together and show our concerns, respect and the love we have for them. It’s also meant to pull our youths together so that they can together discuss matters affecting them in the ward” said the MCA.

The event which attracted huge crowds drawn from various locations including old men and women who cheered on their respective teams.

The two-week long competition pitted over 6 strong teams drawn from across the Ward against each other.

Rhamu Dimtu stars won the final attributing their success to team work and discipline.

The final game was so tense and competitive calling for heavy deployment of security personnel to maintain law and order.

“As the football league continues in the great ward of Rhamu Dimtu, I would like to extend my appreciations to all those who are taking part in the tournament, facilitation led by the Ward manager, team coaches, referees, eam members and the community at large” said Mr. Noor after the finals.

The MCA summed that he will routinely be conducting more such sporting events in the future to build on the spirit.




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