Wajir women rep. donates sewing machines to disabled and widowed women in the county


By Farah Adan

Wajir county women rep. Hon. Fatuma Ibrahim addressing beneficiaries of sewing machines she donated

Wajir county Women Representative Hon. Fatuma Ibrahim has donated 60 sewing machines to disabled women and widows from all the wards in the county.

The initiative will see two beneficiaries from each ward receive the machines which will empower them economically as they will use them for income generation.

The function was graced by members of the County Assembly and the Clerk of the Wajir county assembly among other dignitaries.

Some of the sewing machines donated by Wajir County women repo. Hon. Fatuma

Beneficiaries signed forms witnessed by their respective MCAs to ensure the machines serve the intended purpose.

The local lawmakers thanked Hon. Fatuma for her noble initiative and asked beneficiaries to make better use of the donated equipment.






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  1. I rely say kudos to wjr county women rep hon fatma ibrhim hu rely brng chnges toword our county for donated seiwng machnes to widows and disables and lsty iwould like to encourage wjrian pple to re.vte such hard working woman for hr effort