Wajir Governor tells off MPs for waging constant war on Governors


By Suleiman Hassan

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi speaking at Wajir high school’s 50th anniversary celebrations held at the school on Sunday February 8, 2015.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi wants MPs to stop their obsession with Governors as they cannot march their development record.

Saying Governors in the country were audited twice since the inception of devolution, Governor Abdullahi pointed out that no single financial malpractice was reported on both occasions yet MPs continue to portray them as embezzling county funds.

He said governors use systems such as Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) which ensure financial accountability but MPs do not use any system that can be used to hold them to account in managing constituency development funds (CDF).

Speaking at Wajir High school where he graced the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations on Sunday, Abdullahi invited MPs who feel governors mismanaged their counties to bring them to Wajir County so that they can teach them how to manage finances.

“The World bank has put us at number one in prudent management of county funds and so is the office of the Auditor general” boasted the head of Wajir County.

He now wants MPs to stop bickering over governors and county finances and instead put their house in order first adding that it was time to bring CDF to such platforms as IFMIS so that it is no longer run like a personal venture.

He said if any MP was interested in the position of Governor, he should then wait for the next general elections in 2017.

His sentiments were echoed by his deputy Abdihafidh Yarrow who said their strength lies in the fact that both the County head and his deputy were accountants.

“Where there are accountants figures will add up” boasted Yarrow.

There was a light moment when Mr. Yarrow jokingly said that Majority leader Aden Duale asked for drinking water and he replied him that they could not distribute bottled drinking water to those who attended the event because Wajir County spends only on development expenditure and not on recurrent expenditure.

The event was also attended by a high level government delegation led by Deputy President William Ruto and Majority leader Aden Duale among host of other leaders.

Duale congratulated Governor Abdullahi for emerging the best in utilizing county finances on development and took a swipe at his home county’s Governor Mr. Nathif Jama.

“You people of Wajir, you are lucky to have Mr. Abdullahi as your governor. For us the people of Garissa, we need your prayers, please pray for us” he said amid cheers from those in attendance.

The Majority leader who is also the Garissa Township MP has previously differed with his governor over several development projects notably the boulargy giraffe sanctuary in Garissa.






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  1. Wajir county gov lucks checks and balances in the running of the county unlike garissa where there is constant monitorering of their actvities