Wajir Governor makes changes to his Executive committee


By Nepjournal Correspondent

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi

The Governor of Wajir County Hon. Ahmed Abdullahi has made some changes to his Executive today May 14 2014.

While making the announcement, The Governor quoted Article 31 of the County Government Act which gives him the powers to appoint members of his executive.

The changes saw the department of Water, Energy, Environment and Natural Resource split into two.

Water will be headed by the current CEC Yussuf Abdi Gedi while the docket hived off from it of Energy, Environment and Natural Resource was given to the Deputy Governor Hon. Abdihafidh Abdullahi.

Mohamedweli Muhumed Mohamed was transferred from the department of Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary and fisheries to head the newly created docket as Chief Officer.

Ahmed Qolosh Mohamed remains the Chief Officer for Water.

Adan Dahiye Bardad was appointed as the Chief Officer for the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries.





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