Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi reshuffles CECs


By Farah Adan

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi speaking at Wajir high school’s 50-year celebrations on February 9

Governor Ahmed Abdullah of Wajir has today reshuffled his executive committee members.

Below is the full list.

  1. The CEC for Energy, Environment & Natural Resource is Abdirahman Ibrahim (formerly; Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries). Muhuba Hassan Arte is the new Chief Officer (formerly; Governor’s Office).
  2. CEC Trade, Industries, Co-operatives is Mohamud Abdirahman (formerly; Labor and Decentralized Units and Town Administrator). Mohamed Weli Mohamed is the new chief officer (formerly; Energy, Environment & Resource)
  3. CEC Education, Youth, Sports is Habiba Hussein (formerly; Trade, Industries & Co-operatives) The new chief officer is Abdullahi Hassan Maalim – (formerly;Roads)
  4. CEC Lands, Housing and Planning is Abdiaziz Abdullahi (formerly; Roads, Public Works & Transport.) The Chief officer is Abdi Ibrahim (formerly; Education)
  5. CEC Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries is Yussuf Abdi Gedi (formerly; Water). Chief officer for agriculture remains Adan Dahiye while the New chief officer for Livestock & Fisheries is Roney Mayow (formerly; Labor and Decentralized Units and Town Administrator)
  6. CEC Water is Abdi Osman (formerly; Education, Youth and Sports). Ahmed Qolosh remains chief officer for water.
  7. CEC Roads, Public Works & Transport is Ahmed Mohamed Abdi (formerly Lands, Housing). Jimale Hassan is the Chief Officer for Roads (formerly; Lands, Housing and planning). Abdi Noor M. Hussein is the Chief officer Transport & Public Works (formerly Trade, Industries, Co-
  8. Governor’s office, Public service, special programs & Decentralized units – Hillow Mumin is the Chief officer Public Service & Special programs while Abass Abdullahi is the Chief officer- Decentralized Units and Town Administration. (Formerly; Public Works, Transport.)




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