Wajir Deputy Governor and education executives asses ECD centers in the town

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Wajir County Deputy Governor Mr. Abdihafid Yarrow, CEC for Education Mrs. Habiba Hussein (right) and Chief Officer – Education Mr. Abdullahi Maalim (left) in an assessment of ICF primary school’s ECD center. They are accompanied by the school’s teachers.

Wajir County Deputy Governor Abdihafid Yarrow today led the CEC for Education Habiba Hussein and her Chief Officer Abdullahi Maalim in an assessment of ECD centers in Wajir.

The leaders visited ICF, Kalkalcha east and west primary schools and monitored their progress. The institutions are among the 17 ECD models in the town. The leaders hope to visit the other 14 centers in the coming weeks to further establish their situation.

The department of Education will ensure the ECD centers are well equipped, safe and secure to meet its standard.

The county Government employed 328 ECD teachers for 22 centers in the whole county




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