Wajir Community radio on the brink of collapse


By S. Hassan.


Northern Kenya’s first community radio which was established in Wajir town is on its deathbed following months of wrangles and mismanagement that rocked the station.

Established by the World Bank through Arid Lands Resource Management at a cost of Forty Million Kenya Shillings, The station was aimed at informing and education the large uneducated population of Wajir and the entire region as it broadcasts on the local vernacular languages of Somali and Borana.

But this dream could go down the drain if the situation does not change.

The station is reliant on volunteers who are mostly not trained journalists for its daily operations and this has more often than not brought its professionalism to question.

The station’s official car is now grounded and relies on taxis for transport.

Early this year, the County Press Director stormed the station, a move that sparked negative accusations from both sides.

A board member told Nepjournal on condition of anonymity that the board is to blame for the crisis as they have never done any audit on the station since its inception.

The County Government of Wajir set a side 100M Kenya Shillings in this year’s budget to turn around the station but the management resisted the move terming it an attempt by the County Government to take over the station and use it as its mouthpiece.

The funds were later diverted to set up a new FM station for the County which is still in the pipeline.




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