The Northern Counties We Want


By Mohamed Abdinoor

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Forks and my colleagues, this is my dream for the Counties in the Northern Frontier and I strongly believe it is possible.

We want Counties where all are hopeful and optimistic about tomorrow; where everyone challenges the systematic and deliberate marginalization of the past and looks forward to new opportunities; where everyone challenges the myth of external support but realizes and fully exploits the potential within; where all are proud and positive about the future and seek answers to questions about the present; where the leaders are held to account for their actions; where they have to transparently display public expenditure including the CDF (people seems to have forgotten to ask for accountability with the billions coming through the counties and some MPs are having a field day).

Where the rule of law reigns and no arbitrary arrests and extra-judicial killings happen; where there are just leaders and enlightened voters; where all citizens/ communities have equal opportunities to the county resources obviously based on needs assessment; where resources are spent on development and not security meetings and peace forums (they are important but we want to talk peace in the absence of conflict) here; where all mothers from the corners of the county have access to maternal health care and their new born have equal chances to life; where our sisters and daughters can have sanitary towels at the expense of expensive iPads for political leaders who do not know how to operate them at all.

Counties where all have safe, clean and treated drinking water and good sanitation as opposed to the privileged few enjoying the western style toilets; where the youth, women and people living with disabilities are given opportunities; where we appoint individuals based on merit and qualifications and not ethic abstractions; where our schools have the necessary infrastructure, all the teachers and the support of the PARENTS ( our parents need to take their rightful place in the management of schools and ask questions) ; We must realize investment in education and infrastructure remains the top priority.

Finally forks, we want counties where there is time for politics and time for development. We want peaceful and prosperous northern COUNTIES and YES THIS IS POSSIBLE AND NOT A DREAM.

We need to see what a handful of youth have achieved recently in the ‪#‎WalkOfHope and more recently under the call to re-open Garissa University to realize the power within.

Abdinoor is a concerned NEPian and a Nepjournal contributor. He can be reached at




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