Tarbaj MCA trashes claims of inneficiency, says his development record speaks for itself


By Jamal Abdi

osman kureshTarbaj MCA Osman Kuresh has distanced himself from claims of mismanagement and inefficiency saying his development record speaks for itself.

Speaking to nepjournal on phone, Kureish told off his critiques saying they were out to drag his name in the mud due to immature politicking ahead of the 2017 elections.

“Majabow has permanent source of water for the first time. Piping of water & construction of water kiosks has been concluded recently. Haragal dispensary has been operationalized. The facility has fulltime nurses and medicine is readily available” he said while responding to some of the allegations.

The MCA added that the Construction of Haragal – Majabow road was concluded at a cost of around 13M during the FY 2014/2015.

Khuresh reminded his critiques that Tarbaj was a vast ward comprising of 17 settlements and he was doing all his best to share the little resources amongst them.

“Equitable distribution of resources is my priority whether they voted for me or not. I am ready to listen to genuine grievances that will better the life of our people” he said

Kuresh called on those tarnishing his name to be objective in the criticism rather peddling baseless allegations to settle scores.

The MCA’s sentiments were echoed by some of those he represents who took to social media leaping to his defense.

“As residents of Tarbaj, we shall vote for Kuresh again in 2017” posted Junior Arale on his Facebook page.

“If there is one MCA you can sit down with and come to an understanding is Osman Kuresh and take your issue to, as someone born and brought up in Tarbaj, the guy commands respect” said Ismail Noor






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