Suicide car bomb kills 3 people near Parliament house in Mogadishu.


By NJ Mogadishu Correspondent

Somalia's Mogadishu capital city.

Somalia’s Mogadishu capital city.

A suicide car bomb rammed into a vehicle belonging to Somali Intelligence agency near the parliament building in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu killing three people and wounded six others on Saturday evening.

Security officials and eye witnesses confirmed to NEP Journal correspondent that dead body of two soldiers, a suspected suicide bomber and at least six wounded National Intelligence security agency (NISA) officers were found on the scene.

A senior security officer said that a pickup track drove fast hitting a security convoy vehicle which resumed from a routine city night patrol occupied by two NISA officers.

“The area which the attacked happened is between Sayid Hotel and Parliament house that is mostly used by security agencies to check vehicles which drive through that road,” said the senior officer.

The attack comes a time when the Country is in its final touches voting for their upcoming members of Parliaments. Sections of Somalia’s states have already elected their upcoming members of parliament including Garowe (a provincial town of Puntland), while others are in final bits.

No group has claimed responsibility of the attack so far, but the buck stops with al-Shabab, al-Qaida affiliated group fighting in Somalia.

Since 2011, Al-Shabab was pushed out of Mogadishu by AMISOM troops but has remained a heady antagonist in Somalia by launching frequent suicide attacks targeting restaurants, hotels, government workers and buildings and AMISOM forces.




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