State of the art ambulances launched in Garissa County


The Garissa County government on Friday launched seven state-of-the art ambulance leased from the Kenya Red Cross society.

Some of the ambulances

The county Government has also unveiled at the same function the recruitment of 240 health professionals including clinical officers, nurses, pharmacists and laboratory technicians and public health personnel who will be deployed in all the medical facilities across the county.

The function was attended by all the elected and nominated members of Parliament from Garissa County led by the House Majority leader Hon. Duale.

The lease agreement was signed by Governor of Garissa County Hon. Nathif Jama and the secretary General of Kenya Red Cross Dr. Abass Gulled.

Dr. Gulled said the ambulances were fully equipped and manned by qualified paramedics. “Even the driver is a paramedic and mothers can safely deliver in the ambulance” said Dr. Gulled. He requested the residents not to disturb him with request for employment as a driver as one needs to have special medical skills to take control of the ambulance.

Governor Nathif and Dr. Gulled exchanging lease documents 

Dr. Gulled said that what the residents used to see or have as ambulances were empty shells and were ambulance only by name. He said that they will be monitoring the activities of the ambulances on daily basis and added that they will even know what type of patient it carried. He warned the staff manning the ambulances against sleeping on the job as this will not be tolerated. He assured residents that they will never see the ambulances in a poor state.

Hon. Duale on his part said that these were the fruits and benefits of devolution and that is one big reason why we voted for the constitution in 2010. “Since independence, no Government has provided this kind of assistance to the health sector” said the House Majority Leader.

He assured the residents of Garissa that as their leaders, they have vowed to work together for the betterment of our people. “United we can serve our people better by providing better health care, improved education, sustainable livestock and provide water and sanitation” said Hon. Duale.

The House Majority leader also took issue with the Management of Garissa Water and Sewerage Company (GAWASCO). “You either deliver on your mandate of providing clean water and sanitation to our people from the largest river in Kenya that passes in this town or face the sack. You cannot hide under your clan bandwagon” he said.

Governor Nathif welcomed home all the elected leaders and  assured them and the residents that Garissa will be a better place than he found it come the end of his term.




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