The sorry state of the Garissa Provincial General Hospital


By H. Abdullahi, Garissa:

Patients in one of the wards at PGH in a previous photo.

It’s sad and astonishing to report the deplorable state that is faced by the biggest hospital in North Eastern Province.

PGH has been a referral center for parts of NFD; patients are referred from districts across Northeastern, Tan River and parts of Mwingi districts.

Hospital of such importance is expected to have all the services that required by any patient leave alone the basics but am very much astonished to report that its doesn’t have even the very basics as I pen down this.

The performance of any institution like PGH is begged on the Management; yes the management is everything in an institution. This can be confirmed by many thriving institutions, we can even take as an example this same Institution in question today. How was it during the reign of Dr Khadija? Many who read this peace today will bear me witness that it was one of the best provincial Hospitals in this country.

Garissa provincial Hospital fell ill immediately after the Dr Khadija left, am sure if doctor Khadija comes back to that hospital today she will defiantly faint because she can’t come to terms with reality comparing how it was when she was leaving and the current state, the hospital has been slowly dying over the years and now under the county government is in the ICU if not transferred to mortuary this hour.

Negligence of the staffs

There have been calls by the county government with a lot of media popularity to equip and build new structures and so on but what does structures and equipment do when current equipment and structures are unutilized, medicine is hardly in existence and patients are advised to buy them from Pharmacies in town interestingly, even the basic ones such as Paracetamol. A colleague told me he was told to buy a drug that cost Ksh10 in the middle of the night.

The staffs are very negligent of their duties, recently an expectant sister in law of mine visited the hospitals to deliver, and the nurses in charge threw away my Mother who was accompanying the expectant mother. While it’s the duty of the nurses to take care of the Mother and her baby, the nurses ignored their duties and placed the newly born girl in a bed while they started making stories. Unfortunately the baby fell down from the bed. This is the situation of the staffing we have in our biggest referral hospital. Efforts to follow up the issue bore no fruits as the nurses, the nursing in charge and the administration embarked on a cover up mission.

Another sorry incident two weeks later was reported to me by a workmate in the office, this is mind boggling and unthinkable, the hospitals does not have blood screening equipment. I always thought it had and I still think so unless otherwise happened and on that the hospital administration can explain if it had! Then where has that equipment disappeared to, interestingly if a patient needs blood transfusion the blood has to be sent to Nairobi and takes days to come back someone tell me how long a sick person in need of blood can wait? Most unimaginable is that a young boy was in a dare need of blood two weeks ago and the staff in charge I think if am not wrong he told it was the nursing in charge recommended and wrote a commitment latter that the child should be transfused with an unscreened blood, imagine a medical practitioner recommending such a risky thing this actually took me by surprise worse than the child who fell down from the bed or the one eaten by the cat.                  




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