Six killed in twin blasts in Eastleigh


At least six people were on Monday night killed and several others injured in twin blasts in Eastleigh’s estate in Nairobi.

The twin explosions were 50 meters apart. The assailants hurled explosives into a food kiosk and a bus stop.

Those injured were rushed to different hospitals within the City and it is believed that some of the injured fled the scene immediately.

A scene from the Eastleigh blast

Police said that the attackers used grenades or improvised explosive devices to carry out the attacks.

Nairobi police boss Benson Kibue said his officers arrived at the scene immediately and found six bodies in the Kiosk.

Rescue services

“We have many casualties but we are yet to know the nature of explosive that was used in the attacks. We have people who have died,” said Kibue.

Police in Kenya have always been reactive appearing at the scene of crime after damage has been caused and assailants fled the scene.

This incident comes a day after a man died in a building in Pangani area after an improvised explosive device he was assembling went off.

Just the other day, a Church in Likoni was raided in Mombasa and it is now turning to be a hide and seek game between security agencies and those carrying out the attacks.

We are yet to see a single incident that was investigated and whose culprits were brought to book other than rounding up of innocent people for ‘loitering’ and shooting of ‘suspects’.




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