Sigh of relief as motion to impeach Garissa Governor is shelved


By Suleiman Hassan

Garissa County Governor Nathif Jama at a past function.

Garissa Governor Nathif Jama has once again survived an attempt to dethrone him from the County’s top seat.

Bananey ward MCA Mohamed Siyad has filed a motion to impeach him and the bill was due for debate on Tuesday.

He wanted the Governor shown the door for alleged violation of the Constitution and procurement malpractices.

However, he withdrew the motion after intense lobbying by the Governor to have it thrown out succeeded on Sunday.

It is believed that politicians and elders affiliated to the Governor prevailed upon the MCA to rescind his decision as they seek to sort out the differences between the two.

Given the fact that the County’s leadership is built on tribal alliances, it was unthinkable that an MCA who hails from the Governor’s backyard would spearhead such efforts. Both the MCA and the Governor hail from the same sub-clan.

As a result, elders and political leaders held a meeting in a Garissa hotel on Sunday to reconcile the two.

MCA Siyad said that he withdrew the motion after it generated heated debate in the County and raised political temperatures once again adding that he feared this could derail development in the County.

“After a widely consultative meeting with both religious and political leaders, we agreed to drop the motion” he confirmed.

The MCA promised to work with the Governor and his Executive urging them to show transparency in all activities in the county.

The closed door meeting was attended by MPs Mohamed Shidiye of Lagdera and his Dadaab counterpart Dr. Mohamed Dahiye.

Hon. Shidiye said that the meeting was all about reconciling the two arms of the County Government for smooth service delivery.

“We advised the two arms of the County government (the legislation and the executive) to work together and use dialogue to solve the emerging differences instead of rushing to impeachment as the first resort” he said.

Governor Nathif was re-instated by the Supreme Court in July this year after his election was nullified by the Court of Appeal in April following a successful petition by Mr. Abdihakim Osman Mohamed.





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