Shock as senator Kerrow exposes misplaced priorities in Mandera county budget spending


By Suleiman Hassan

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has released an in-depth analysis of the expenditure in the first full year of operations of the county governments in North eastern region.

Citing the controller of budget’s websites as his source, Kerrow covers the period July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 and compares his county’s priorities with that of the neighboring counties of Wajir & Garissa.

According to the Senator, the total budget for his county for 2013/14 was Kshs 7 billion, out of which Kshs 3.5 billion was spent on recurrent expenditure while Kshs 4 billion was spent on development.

However, the county utilized only Kshs 3.5 billion (50%) of the total allocation and the balance was carried over to the next financial year (2014/15).

The amount spent of Kshs 3.5 billion was utilized between recurrent expenditure of Kshs 2.5 billion and development expenditure of Kshs 941M.

Mandera county’s key recurrent expenditure was salaries Kshs 1.2 billion, travel expenses Kshs 221M, Maintenance Kshs 164M and utilities Kshs 164M.

On the other hand, key development expenditure was on the areas of construction of roads Kshs 351M, construction of offices Kshs 179M and water Kshs 141M.

“More money was spent on travel or maintenance or utilities than on development of water supplies. No money spent on empowerment of youth or women. Only 26% was used for development! Half the budget was not spent! That says a lot about lack of priorities and incapacity too” said the Senator about the analysis of his county’s spending.

For Wajir County, the budget for 2013/14 was Kshs 5.3 billion out of which the county utilized Kshs 4.4 billion. The balance was carried over to the following financial year (2014/15).

Kshs 1.9 billion of the allocated Kshs 4.4 billion was utilized as recurrent expenditure while Kshs 2.6 billion was spent on development.

Wajir County’s key recurrent expenditure was salaries Kshs 1.1 billion, travel expenses Kshs 84M, maintenance Kshs 69M and utilities Kshs 22M.

“Significantly less money was spent on travel or maintenance or utilities than Mandera! It had the highest development expenditure in the country” said Kerrow in his comment on how Wajir County spent the allocated funds.

For Garissa County, the budget for 2013/14 was Kshs 4.8 billion. However, the county utilized Kshs 2.17 billion of the total budget and the balance was carried over to following year (2014/15).

Of the amount spent of Kshs 2.17 billion, the funds were utilized between recurrent expenditure of Kshs 1.68 billion and development expenditure of Kshs 487 billion.

The county’s key recurrent expenses were salaries Kshs 1.0 billion and travel expenses Kshs 129 million.

“Garissa’s budget is significantly lower than that of Mandera but they still spent significantly less money on recurrent expenditure than our county (Mandera)” said the senator in his analysis of Garissa County.

The Mandera senator posted the analysis on his Facebook page and promised to provide similar insights in to the 2014/15 budget!

His fans welcomed and dismissed his reviews in equal measure. While many read hidden agendas, others lauded him for the bold move to criticize his county.

The Senator has of-late been rubbing his county’s administration the wrong way by publicly highlighting his displeasure with how it was run.

Notable amongst them was the recent reshuffle by the county Governor Ali Roba.

It is not clear whether Kerrow is crying crocodile tears or has fallen out with Governor Roba as the two hitherto worked together seamlessly.

Here is a few comments extracted from the page:

Wish you good luck in your quest to unseat Governor Ali Roba come 2017 senator Billow Kerrow, siku hizi una pangangaa!!!!. Abdiaziz Jirre.

Billow Kerrow, you are honest nowadays, you are coming out of hideout to serve your community, there is nothing as significant as report you have displayed and I’m sure MC Governor is following up for rectification. It is excellent analogy. You have it on this. Anxiously waiting for 2015/2016. Kindly help to steer the county in the right direction – Abdullahi Ali

It’s unfortunate that the senator is giving us an analysis of two years ago now. This clearly shows he is seeking political relevance at the wrong time. Those figures were in public domain for a very long time and there is nothing new to necessitate analysis now. The senator should know there is no way the transport cost from Mandera to Nairobi is equivalent to Wajir and Garissa even considering distance alone. I thought senator is a professional accountant. Consider all the factors that necessitated those differences before you lie to us – Kinto Gedi Hassan

Mr Senator thank you. You are now very objective. Hate or love give them the true picture. Over to who cares. – Abdikadir Kosar.




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