Shock as Lawyer Ahmednasir squares it all on locals


By Suleiman Hassan, Garissa

Outspoken lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi is of the opinion that a section of North Eastern Kenya residents are not sincere in the war on terror and could be harboring bad elements.

In a series of posts on his twitter page, Abdullahi who never shies away from airing his opinion accuses Kenyan Somalis of orchestrating the attack.

“The attack in Garissa is obviously the work of Kenyan Somalis. Let us not blame Somalia’s Al-Shabaab. This is local… Indigenous and very local” he said in one of the tweets.

If the government’s announcement of Mohamed Kuno Alias Gamadheer is anything to go by, then Ahmednasir’s statement could be nothing but the truth as long as the masterminds of the attack is concerned. Mohamed Kuno is a native of Garissa County.

“Leaders in Garissa must take political responsibility for today’s killings…and must identify the clan lineage of the killers. Full said” added the prominent lawyer in another tweet.

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