Sheikh Umal distances himself from terror claims


By Abdiweli Adan

Sheikh Mohamed Umal

Sheikh Mohamed Umal

Prominent Somali Muslim preacher Sheikh Mohamed Abdi Umal has said that he has never condoned terrorism and wondered why he was among those listed recently by the Kenyan government for alleged links with the vice.

In his Friday sermon last week and a subsequent interview with the VOA’s Somali service, the Sheikh said that he was shocked he is among those whose accounts were frozen.

“Given the fact some of those listed are dead people, the list may not have been well investigated” he said pointing out the name of Sheikh Hassan Abdirahman who is said to have died in Nairobi a few months ago.

Sheikh Umal said that he was on record of having opposed Al-Shabaab and terrorism through his Islamic lectures and faces threats from the militia for speaking against their actions on more than one occasion.

He took a swipe at the media for promoting the notion that the militia separates Muslims from non-Muslims in Kenya.

“They kill Muslims in Somalia day in day out, so why does the media make it appear as if Shabaab spares Muslisms” he said.

This he added was a plot by the militia to set Kenyans against each other and warned Kenyans against falling in to this trap.

Many Somalis were shocked at his name’s inclusion in the list given the fact he is known to vehemently oppose the ideologies of Al-Shabaab and other terror organizations in his lectures.





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