Several people arrested in Garissa swoops


By Suleiman Hassan

garissa arrests

Several people were this morning arrested after security personnel raided Garissa town’s main market known as suuq mugdi and its surrounding areas.

Eye witnesses told that those without ID cards were taken to the local police station for further scrutiny.

Head of North Eastern region’s Criminal Investigations Department Mr. Musa Yego told local reporters that the operation was aimed at flushing out aliens from the town.

“We know there are aliens and the operation is to make sure people living in Garissa illegally are taken out,” said Musa Yego, regional head of the CID department.

Mr. Yego added that those who will be found to be in the country illegally will be arraigned in court tomorrow.

The market was abuzz with activity when the security personnel came calling as most residents do their shopping in the morning hours. As a result the operation caught many unawares.

Residents christened the market Suuq Mugdi (the dark market) due to its congested nature and poor lighting.

It was razed to the ground on November 20, 2012 after unknown assailants killed three KDF officers in Garissa town as they changed a flat tyre of their truck along Kismayu road.

Local traders claimed KDF set the market on fire.





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