Senator Kerrow blasts The People Daily’s report implicating Northern MPs in terror activities


By Suleiman Hassan

Sen. Billow Kerrow

Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow has taken issue with a report carried in today’s The People Daily newspaper.

The report which comes a day after the government released the names of 86 entities accused of aiding terror groups says that two Senators and five MPs from the region are funding Shabaab.

“Intelligence sources have identified the suspected politicians as two senators, one from North Eastern and another from the Coast. Both are known to be vocal in commenting on terrorism issues. One of the two sitting MPs is from Garissa county while the other is from Wajir. The three former MPs are from Mandera, Garissa and Wajir counties” says part of the report

Although the report does not name the said legislatures and also the source of their claims, Kerrow feels that he was among those targeted.

“If you criticize government inaction or excesses, they resort to propaganda. I am one of those leaders from the region who invariably condemns the terrorist acts, and also criticize the government whenever it is necessary, particularly when it engages in unconstitutional acts, or it violates the constitutional rights of the people I represent” Kerrow said in a post on his Facebook page.

“I have also roundly challenged some security strategies by the government such as the KDF presence in Somalia, or failures by our security forces in general, when necessary. If indeed I am one of the leaders implied in this report, and that the report is truly from government sources, I wish to assure the government that I will continue to exercise my constitutional rights to express my views as and when necessary, whether it is palatable to government or not” he added.

He however says that he holds no soft spot for Al-shabaab and truly condemns its existence and its barbaric actions.

“Equally, I do not hold any brief for the Executive and will condemn its excesses at all times. And truly, this is no way to fight terrorism!” said the Mandera Senator.




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