Security tops the agenda as Wajir county marks Madaraka Day


By Farah Adan

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Governor Abdullahi (center) Flanked by the County Commissioner and county security chiefs.

Resident of Wajir County have been lauded for working with security agencies to ensure peace prevails in the county

Speaking at this this year’s Madaraka celebrations in Wajir town, County Governor Ahmed Abdullahi said that while area residents were peace loving and willing to work with the government on matters security, recent reports indicating extra-judicial killings by security agencies were disheartening and would only serve to foster mistrust between the two sides.

“Al-shabab is targeting the men and women who are educating our children and treating our sick people at the hospitals claiming they don’t share the same faith with us. Yet in Somalia they kill Muslims and Somalis and give a different excuse to justify their heinous acts” he said.

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The governor lamented that the county was facing acute shortage of teachers, health workers and other skilled personnel because of the Al-shabab menace.

He therefore appealed to residents of the county to confront them and ensure the militant’s cheap propaganda does not disrupt their lives and that of their brothers from the rest of the country.

The governor also lauded security agencies for their efforts in ensuring the county enjoys relative peace but reminded them to stay vigilant as the enemy has not gone for good.

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Governor Abdullahi urged security personnel to be professional and strictly follow the rule of law.

“Anyone who is apprehended for the suspicion of being involved in terror activities should be taken to the courts and be prosecuted. The recent claims of extra judicial killings in this county are very disturbing and if they are true it is indeed very unfortunate” he said

“The Wagalla massacre and other atrocities that were committed by the security agents in Wajir are still fresh in the minds of the people. We therefore don’t want further actions that will make our people symbolize our security agents as the perpetrators of terror and inhumane acts” said the tough talking governor” added the governor.

On the same note, Abdullahi reiterated the local leaders’ position to work with the government to stamp out terrorism in the region.

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He said that the leaders have agreed on a raft of measures that were being put in place which will soon change management of security in the area.

“More police officers and reservists will be deployed and vehicles purchased for the security officers. We believe these measures will bring back stability to our region” he said.

Abdullahi further said that de-radicalization programs were in the offing at different sub-counties to caution the youth against falling for the traps of the insurgents.

He asked parents to closely monitor their children to keep them from drifting into criminal activities.




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