Rail Odinga’s Facebook account hacked



Aron Shaviv

Cord leader Raila Odinga’s Facebook Account has been hacked or even worse someone he hired to manage it has forcefully taken it over. According to blogger Robert Alai, the man holding the account at ransom is none other Aron Shaviv.

It is reported that the man is demanding around $42,000 or else he will use the former premiers’ Facebook account to damage Raila’s reputation. He has already made some posts that raised eye brows.

Alai said the Police, NIS and Facebook security have all been informed and the former Premier is waiting them to shut down the page. Mr. Aron Shaviv is said to be known to one Apollo Orengo.

Mr. Shaviv is reported to have worked as an adviser and consultant with senior political leaders in the US, UK, Bulgaria, Romania, Eqypt and Kenya among other countries. It is not clear whom he served in Kenya but it is possible it was the Cord leader although this cannot be confirmed.





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