Police in Mombasa find deadly cache of terror arsenal


Police in Mombasa have impounded a car loaded with deadly weapons that would have caused massive destruction and death had the owners been successful in their mission.

Mombasa Terror car

Police discovered IED’s welded to the floor and back seat of the Toyota Hilux registration number KAN 410 E whose occupants were initially arrested for possessing a vehicle that was un-customed.

It is believed the FBI played a crucial role in tracking the vehicle from Somalia after it entered Kenya through Mandera and Garissa early this month. Last evening, police found six grenades, an AK 47 assault rifle, 270 bullets, six cylindrical bombs weighing 10 kilogrammes each, 5 magazines, 6 detonators, a Nokia cell phone and 6 electronic cables amid reports occupants of the car were surveying targets in Mombasa for about a week after meeting their contacts in the coastal city.

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