Police extend swoop to South C


Close to 300 people were arrested in South C as police extended the ongoing crackdown on illegal immigrants to the estate.

The operation which started in Eastleigh has been extended to other parts of the city and the country at large.

Members of the Somali community and Muslims in general feel targeted given the fact that the operation is mainly conducted in places they inhabit most, an allegation the police continue to deny.

Police erected roadblocks in South C to check on motorist driving in and out of the estates. One roadblock was erected near Police pavilion while another one was outside South C mosque. Those arrested in South C include Indians, Pakistanis and Chinese nationals.

About 50 of those arrested were taken to the Kasarani stadium screening centre and are being interrogated.

“They need further screening and that is why they have been taken to Kasarani. They could not convince our officers on the ground,” said police spokesman Masood Mwinyi.

Mr. Mwinyi denied accusations that police were taking bribes saying that those who made the claims want to tarnish the good name of the police.




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