Over 600 herds of goats and sheep perish in Shimbirey following heavy downpour


By: Issa Huseyn


An estimated 600 herd of goats and sheep perished to death in a freak stormy rain at Shimbirey in Balambala constituency.

The weak and emaciated livestock that survived the recent drought, reportedly froze to death in the prolonged weekend rain .

The brutal and bizarre weather struck the herd separately, some died in a day cloudburst at Shimbirey watering point while others in an endless night deluge that pelted them to death in the open shelter.

According to eye witnesses, the confused and cold herd wandered and later huddled together for warmth before they succumbed to death.

One of the affected resident Isnino Omar said the incident caught them flatfooted and described it as strange phenomenon.

The dead animals are scattered within the hamlet as the poor herders ponder the impact of the loss.

Residents are appealing to both the County, National governments as well as Non – Governmental organizations to intervene for support after having lost their livelihood.




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