Outpouring support for Wajir County MP after alleged “bedroom” video leak


Thousands of people have leapt to the defense of Wajir County Woman MP Fatuma Gedi following a recent social media development alleging “bedroom” video leak.

Fatuma Gedi alias Kabambay was out of the country on official duties at the time local blog Tuko.co.ke released the alleged encounter with a Rift Valley legislature.

Women officials in Garissa, Wajir and Mandera trooped to local FM stations and all public fora to air their grievances against the leak which has since been verified not authentic.

“This is an attack on the Women folk, it is not an attack on Fatuma Gedi, this is more than political difference, I couldn’t sleep ever since I heard this news first, we give the government and more so DPP Noordin Haji, to take immediate action” Said Mama Bilan, speaking to an FM station in Wajir.

Accompanied by more than 10 other women leaders and officials, the women pledged to take the fight to another level by leaving no stone un turned.

They said should no action be taken in 3 days, they will take to the streets as women of Wajir and lead processions to call for arrests of the culprits.

Many social media users have also posted in solidarity with the outspoken Wajir County MP while many others changed their profile pictures in solidarity.

Local leaders from Wajir including MCAs and religious leaders have also held press conferences in Wajir absolved Gedi from any blame and called for arrest of the culprits.

Gedi has been outspoken in her cause to keep both Wajir County and the National government on their toes and never shied away from breaking ranks with those who stood her way attracting friends and foes in equal measure.

It is not the first time negative publicity is targeted against her having previously been accused of compromised Members of Parliament paying them as little as Kshs 10,000 each to shoot down the infamous Sugar Report.




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