Online users make fun of Raila’s public whipping in pictures


Kwale residents were treated to a rare spectacle on Monday when an elderly man whipped Opposition Leader Raila Odinga during an Okoa Kenya rally at Kinango grounds.

The incident which is now trending online has sparked response from users who have posted various reactions to that effect. Many hilarious photos depicting the former Prime Minister with a swollen eye are doing rounds on the various social media platforms.

An online Impression of the former Prime Minister with a swollen eye (Photo Courtesy)

The man, who police later released after establishing he was mentally unstable, also turned his cane on Kwale Governor Salim Mvurya as the leaders were enjoying the coastal sengenya dance with traditional dancers.

The CORD leader and Kwale Governor both received a stroke each on their back which some online users now refer to as ‘Kiboko Haram’, With some online users claiming that the old man is a member of the terror group ‘KIBOKO HARAM’ Security officers were able to restrain the angry man as the leaders stood in bewilderment

Raila calling Barack Obama (Photo Courtesy)

The leaders, who received a stroke each on their backs, stood in bewilderment as security officers restrained the angry man and whisked him away. The event was part of the Coalition for reforms and Democracy’s push for a referendum through which it hopes to open up the Constitution to amendments, in Kinango, Kwale County.

Yesterday evening, police confirmed they had released the man but failed to state why police were not at the function. The attacker, who was dressed in grey shorts, a white T-shirt and slippers, was restrained by private security personnel who handed him over to the police. Eyewitnesses said the man was unhappy because his wife was dancing ‘suggestively’.


Source: Standard digital.


Additional photo sourced from social media.




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