One of the Garissa University College attackers identified as the son of a Mandera Chief


By Nepjournal and The Star

The man identified as Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi and son of the Chief of Bulla Jamhuri in Mandera town. He was among terrorists that attacked Garissa University College on Thursday.


It has now one of the terrorists that attacked Garissa University College on Thursday last week is the son of a Kenyan administrator in Mandera County.

The man identified as Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi is said to be the son of the Chief of Bulla Jamhuri in Mandera town.

According to a blog post by journalistYassin Juma, Abdirahim was identified by residents of Garissa who demanded the parading of the slain militia publicly which was done yesterday.

Abdirahman was a law graduate of the University of Nairobi in 2013 and is said to be one of the most brilliant students while at Wamy High School situated in Nairobi’s Imara Daima estate where he scored grade A-.

“He is the man in striped shirts. He graduated from the University of Nairobi in 2013,” a source who spoke to Juma on condition of anonymity said. The source said he knew Abdirahim and his family.

Another source who identified himself as a former schoolmate at Wamy, also positively identified Abdirahim. The source said Abdirahim and two other classmates harboured dreams of joining either the Al-Shabaab or the Islamic State of Iran and Syria (ISIS).

“He was one year behind me at Wamy. He was very bright and intelligent guy wallahi. I knew that he had joined al Shabaab but I didn’t expect him to kill those innocent lives,” the former schoolmate said.

It is said Abdirahim opted to join the Somali based militia after efforts to fly to Syria failed on account of him not having a passport.

Another source who spoke to Juma and identified himself as Abdirahim’s former English teacher at Wamy said up until Abdirahim got radicalised, they were good friends.

“I taught him. He was a very close friend before he got radicalized. He scored an A- in KCSE in 2007” said the teacher.

Juma in his blog says he spoke to a member of the family of Abdirahim who said the family had disowned him after he disappeared from his Mandera home for a year.

“I have buried Rahim long ago but the fact that his own blood took the lives of 100 innocent lives gives him enough regrets in life that has forever taken away his hopes of living humbly,” a close family member said.

This latest development following the attack, ties to remarks made by President Uhuru Kenyatta during an address to the nation from State House Nairobi on Saturday evening.

Uhuru accused parents, religious and community leaders in the North Eastern region of the country of not aiding the fight against radicalisation and terrorism.

“We must ask where are the religious leaders, the community leadership, and the parents and families of those who are radicalising our young people?” Uhuru posed.

The president said the war on terror will only be won when all stakeholders in affected regions combine their effort with security agencies.

Yassin Juma is a veteran war journalist, the full post can be found at






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