Ogaden community in Wajir crown Sheikh Abdi Iman their ‘Sultan’.


By Nepjournal Correspondent, Wajir County:

Elders crown Sheikh Abdi

The Ogaden Community in Wajir town has crowned Sheikh Abdi Iman as their ‘Sultan’ in Wajir County.

This comes barely few months after Mohamed Ogle was crowned the ‘Ugas’ of Mohamed Zubeir sub clan of the Ogaden community in Habaswein.

Sheikh Abdi Iman, just like Ogle, has inherited the power from his father Hassan Nur Carale who held the same position in the community during the Pre-colonial period (1931 -1935).

The position is held in high esteem traditionally among Somalis and the holder is normally recognized as the final authority when it comes to decisions affecting his community. He also acts as the representative of the community in communal work.

Nowadays the position is so powerful that its roles extend beyond matters traditional.

Sheikh Iman is a respected elder in Wajir County and his crown has been welcomed by members of other communities in the County.

Nepjournal wishes him all the best as he takes up such huge responsibilities that come with this position.





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