Obama acknowledges Wajir born Entrepreneur


By Farah Adan

Jamila Abass-nepjournal

Wajir born Entrepreneur and Founder of M-Farm Jamila Abass

When visiting US President took to the podium at Kasarani, everyone waited with abated breadth what he would tell Kenya and indeed the World.

From Entrepreneurship, matters security to local politics, The World’s most powerful President issued what many hailed as a historic speech.

For us in NEP, we have something to celebrate after one of our own, Jamila Abass, who founded M-Farm, was acknowledged by Obama for her innovation.

“I am inspired by Jamila Abbas, who started M-Farm to help farmers” Said Obama.

jamila abass-nepjournalWajir born Jamila Abass is a Software Engineer and her passion in rural development and technology led her to founding M-Farm, an app that is helping farmers trapped in subsistence agriculture move into commercial farming by leveraging available mobile technology to provide needed real-time information and incentivize collective action.

Jamila expressed joy at the recognition for her Entrepreneurial instincts that is adding value to the lives of farmers in Kenya.

Below is how users received the mention by @POTUS





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