Mwingi central MP coming up with the best medicine to treat Huge wage bill


By Ahmed Abdi

Over the past few days, the country has been taken for a ride by politicians on the best way to control the sky-rocketing wage bill. From the much publicized pay cut proposed by the president to a bill that is on the pipeline by Mwingi central Member of Parliament Hon. Joe Mutambu.

Mwingi central MP Joe Mutambu

Of all the prescriptions, I will take this one by Hon. Mutambu. Anybody who has this country at heart will support this bill because of what it propagates. First of all, the number of people we elected to office and the number of nominated will suggest that those who came up this such a structure had their own interests in mind and not that of Kenya.

Some of the positions have no much significance and were created either to please certain individuals or groups. For example, We have MP’s from all over the country and a Senator from each county. What is the need of Women representative’s position? Like it or not, it was created to please women. Okey, does it mean the MPs or Senators do not represent women?  Are women not the ones saying they can do better than men? Why then do they need special representation? Such questions must have also bothered the heads of patriotic Kenyans like Mwingi central MP. Hon. Mutambu and he now has the best medicine for us.

He has came up with a bill to amend the constitution and it has already been approved by the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon. Linturi and the Parliament’s legal team.

Here are excerpts from the bill:

  • Reduce the number of constituencies from the current 290 to 144.
  • Scrap the Women rep position.
  • Reduce counties from the current 47 to only 10 (Coast, Upper eastern, Lower eastern, Central, Nairobi, North Rift Valley, South Rift Valley, Nyanza, Western and  North Eastern).
  • Scrap Article 81 (b) of the constitution that provides for the one-third gender rule.
  • Reduce the number of Members of the county assemblies from the current 1,450 to only 290 and scrap the provision for nominated County reps.
  • Reduce the number of Senators from only 20 (two for each county) and reduce the number of nominated Senators to only six (2 each for the youth, persons with disabilities and the marginalized communities).

If this bill is passed by parliament, it will have to be passed by Wanjiku in a referendum and I cannot wait to give it the green light. Mean while, I would like to appeal to all MPs to pass this bill unanimously just like the way they did when they were increasing their own pay. I also appeal to Kenyans to add their voice to this cause and make sure it is passed by Parliament and then approve it in the referendum.

Have a patriotic day!





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