Muslim leaders in Garissa to form body that will monitor radicalization activities


By Hussein Ahmed

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Muslim leaders in Garissa have vowed to fight radicalization by forming a body that will monitor all Islamic institutions in the County.

The move comes at a time when the Country is still mourning the death of 148 people who were brutally killed in last week’s terror attack on Garissa University College.

Speaking at a rally organized by SUPKEM and held at Garissa primary school playgrounds, the clerics said that Islam does not condone killing of innocent lives and time has come for Muslims to prove that by fighting radicalization and terrorism.

“Killing innocent people for no apparent reason is the biggest mischief on any human being regardless of his ethnic and religious background. Whatever its purpose, radicalism cannot be justified or tolerated,” said Mr. Abdullahi Salat, Chairman of Supkem’s Garissa branch.

They called on Kenyans to remain calm and united to defeat the terrorist’s mission of dividing them along religious lines.





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