Militants kidnap two camel owners in Wajir


By Stephen Astariko

Two pastoralists have been abducted by suspected al Shabaab militants in the border town of Koton in Wajir East.

Residents told the Star the militants, who have been in the area for the last two days, struck Thursday night and abducted the two camel herders and crossed into Somalia with them.

It is alleged the two, whose identity could not be revealed a, refused to comply with the militants’ demands to pay Islamic religious dues.

They also attempted to block the militants’ efforts to drive their animals to Somalia.

“Their failure to cooperate saw the militants forcefully take them to Somalia. We still don’t know their fate since they abducted them,” a source said.

Unconfirmed reports indicated the militants plan to have the two arraigned in their ‘court’ to face ‘charges or refusal to comply’.

Area MP Rashid Kassim condemned the incident, saying a multi-agency security team was following up on the matter to have the two released.

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