Medical Appeal! Let’s save the life of this 13 year old boy.


Mandera Kenya:


Abdimalik Mohamed is suffering a cardiac related complications and needs our help received a request from our readers regarding the plight of this young boy who is from Mandera. The publisher contacted the boy’s father who confirmed the below story and requested our assistance. We would like to request our esteemed readers to help in saving his life. May the Almighty Allah reward you for your helping gesture.

ABDIMALIK MOHAMED AHMED is a 13 year old son of Mr. MOHAMED AHMED ALIO and Mrs. KHADIJA NURROW who hail from Bulla Tawakal of Mandera Town. The young Abdi was diagnosed with cardiac related problem which compelled the Doctor who was attending to him to refer him to a hospital in India in 2010.

Well wishers and relatives wholeheartedly raised the required amount of money to fund the operation. The procedure was a success and the boy got his life back. Unfortunately, a year later, the poor boy developed a very strange condition called abdominal distention as you clearly see in his picture above. His belly grows to a frightening football like shape after 3 or 4 days.

The doctors in Mandera unanimously stressed that it is inevitable for him to face the knife to correct the anomaly and so they referred him to Nairobi. The Doctor who will perform the procedure estimated the cost of operation to be Kshs 300,000. Abdimalik’s parents could not afford the cost. We therefore appeal to you brothers and sisters to help the family in raising the fund. You can donate via MPESA using his father’s phone no. 0724791640 or Account no.1000193555129, Account Name: Mohamed Ahmed Alio. Equity Bank, Mandera Branch. If 200 of us donate 1000 each, this will help the family a great deal as the family can struggle to raise the balance.

Our love for our Muslim brothers should extend beyond just feelings. It should be manifested in our actions as well. This brotherhood should push us to help each other in any way we can, and to push ourselves very hard to help our brothers. If we do this, Allah (swt) will reward us greatly, as Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) said:

“Whoever relieves a calamity that has struck a believer in this world, Allah will relieve for him one of the calamities of the day of Judgement, and whoever makes things easy for a person in trouble, Allah will make his matters easy in this life and in the hereafter, and whoever shields the faults of a Muslim, Allah will shield his faults in this world and the hereafter, and Allah will help and support his servant as long as he is helping and supporting his brother” (Sahih Muslim)

Abdimalik Mohamed is suffering a cardiac related complications and needs our help

Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) also told us how to become the most beloved people to Allah (swt). Would you like to be one of them? Such that Allah (swt) loves you and in fact you become among the most beloved to Allah (swt)? The way to achieve this is to help people, bring them benefit and happiness, and relieve them of their problems:

“The most beloved people to Allah (swt) are those who help and benefit others the most, and the most beloved actions to Allah (swt), is pleasure and happiness that you cause to enter the heart of a Muslim, or to solve one of his problems, or to pay off his debt, or to prevent him from being hungry, and working to help my Muslim brother is more beloved to me than making I’tikaf in this masjid for a month, and whoever controls his anger, Allah will conceal his faults, and whoever controls his ill feelings, Allah (swt) will fill his heart with contentment on the day of Judgment, and whoever strives to help fulfill a need for his Muslim brother, Allah will make his feet steadfast on the day of Judgment, and bad manners ruin good deeds just like vinegar ruins honey.” (Sheikh Al-Albani said it is a sound hadith)


Request Courtesy of Albashir Adan





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