Medical appeal!

Mumina Noor Omar, a standard eight pupil at her hospital bed at Nairobi South medical center

Mumina Noor Omar is a student who will be in Standard eight next year. She has had a locked jaw since she was an infant. This means eating and talking has been a challenge.

She has undergone a successful 5 hrs operation at Nairobi south medical center in Nairobi.

A local NGO from North Eastern – Waso Resource Development Agency (WARDA) has paid half of her medical bill.

There is a balance of 600,000 still to be paid. Her family, friends and relatives would like to receive your kind donations and any other assistance.

For your kind donation and more details, kindly contact the CEO of WARDA Mr. Muhumed Sheikh Mohamed Omar on +254 720 843 471.

Your contribution will go a long way in changing the life of this young girl for the better.

May the Almighty Allah reward you in sha Allah.





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