Maternal healthcare gets a big boost in Wajir County from First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero campaign.


By Suleiman Hassan,

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta is welcomed to Wajir County by Governor Ahmed Abdullahi and his wife Mrs. Rukia Abdinasir

Mothers in Wajir have a reason to smile after First Lady Margaret Kenyatta launched the 7th fully kitted Beyond Zero mobile clinic in the County on Tuesday in a colorful ceremony held at Wajir stadium.

The latest mobile clinic brought to the people of Wajir through the kind donation of Sameer investment is uniquely designed and is parent and child friendly.

The clinic will go a long way in improving maternal healthcare in the County. Currently, 90% of women have no access to skilled delivery services with only half the number of expectant mothers attending the recommended antenatal visits.

On HIV/Aids, The first lady appealed to the people of Wajir to support people leaving with HIV/Aids by giving them love, comfort and access to lifesaving medication.

She also called for joint efforts to ensure that children remain healthy and well educated. “To achieve this we must be ready to confront all underlying social cultural issues such as female circumcision and early child marriages. I believe that together, we can build a world where young girls prepare for and finish school in order to build a healthy nation” said the First Lady.

Lamenting the current situation of maternal healthcare in the County, the First Lady said that neonatal deaths in Wajir were among the highest in the Country.

“Adopting simple actions like immunization, breast feeding and preventing diarrhea through hand washing can save lives and will make a difference to ensure that every child will reach their fifth birthday” she added.

The First Lady joins dancers led by the Governor’s Wife in Wajir Stadium

The First Lady urged the County leadership to strengthen the health facilities in the County as provision of better health services will serve as a catalyst to bridge inequalities that exist across the Country.

She added that Wajir County was rich in Natural resources that can be exploited to benefit citizens and promote development.

Mrs Kenyatta gave five quick ways in which the County can exploit these resources at minimal cost:

  • Tap any underground water for domestic and irrigation purposes.
  • Utilize solar energy to bring power to homes and industries.
  • Start a revolving fund to buy livestock for slaughter from pastoralists during the dry season.
  • Set up light leather industries to add value to hides and skins before sale and finally,
  • Convene a Wajir we want forum-you will be amazed by the innovative ideas that will emerge from the young people who are resident here.

The function was attended by Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi, his wife Mrs. Rukia Abdinasir, Deputy Governor Abdihafid Sheikh Yarrow, Wajir County Women MP Mrs. Fatuma Ibrahim among other leaders.

The leaders expressed their gratitude to the First Lady thanking her for her selfess services to the Nation.




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