Mandera student makes history


By Manase Otsialo

Students of Mandera secondary school celebrate the school’s good performance in last year’s KCSE

A student in Mandera county made history after scoring an A in last year’s Form Four examinations.

Ibrahim Abdi Ali, a former student at Shiekh Ali Secondary in the troubled Rhamu Sub-County, scored 81 points. No Mandera student had ever scored an A.

Speaking at Towfiq secondary school, where he has been a volunteer teacher, Ibrahim said that he broke the record in the hardship county.

“I challenge students to keep the fire burning since it has taken me much perseverance to achieve this,” he said.

Ibrahim dropped out of school in Form Two due to lack of school fees, but the principal of Sheikh Ali came to his rescue. The second born in a family of 13 said despite the inter-clan clashes that kept disrupting his studies, the urge to do well remained intact.

“We have been fighting in Rhamu, but I did not look at that because I wanted the best academically, so that on day I can put some sense in our people,” said Ibrahim, who wants to study medicine.

Business was interrupted in Mandera town as students from Mandera secondary school also took to the streets to celebrate the institution’s good performance.




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  1. Abdullahi Mohamed on

    This a very important start for the people of Mandera and NEP having had trouble measuring to the rest of the country. i hope that large number of bright minds will take up Education and Medical courses, this will secure the Region in Few years time and trip sustainable economic growth.