Mandera man to hang for killing his friend

THE GALLOWS: Ali Ibrahim Musa at the Milimani law courts yesterday, where he was sentenced to death for killing his friend.Photo/Philip Kamakya

A man stared at the judge emotionless as his lawyer sought for his mercy and leniency for killing his friend four years ago.

Ali Ibrahim Musa, 26, was found guilty of killing Yussuf Hassan at Bulla Power, Mandera, on October 3, 2010.

High Court judge Nicholas Ombija yesterday said: “This is a wild man. The manner in which he killed the victim is sickly. It is an indication of a man who is so brutal that he should not be allowed to live with other human beings.”

Justice Ombija said he found it disturbing that Musa stabbed his friend nine times turned on his brother who he stabbed four times and threatened to stab anyone who dared to stop him.

“This is the worst case that I have ever handled. Given the nature of the attack on the victims, he is a danger to the society and he deserves no mercy. I sentence him to suffer death in the same manner the deceased suffered death,” the judge said.

Prior to the incident the two men were friends and lived in the same manyatta.

Hassan, who was with his brother Ali Maalim, were taking a stroll on that day at about 8pm.

They met Musa and Hassan removed a torch from his pocket and shone it on Musa’s face.

Musa confronted Hassan and punched him in the face.

Hassan went home and took a rungu and went back to confront Musa.

Musa used his knife to stab Hassan nine times in the stomach, armpits and cheeks. He also turned Maalim, Hassan’s brother, and stabbed him four times.

Musa went into hiding but was arrested by police a day later when he returned to his house.

Justice Ombija said the evidence proved Musa stabbed the two men and two witnesses testified to that they saw Musa stab the brothers.

The judge said the prosecution had proved Musa acted with malice.


Source: The Star






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