Mandera county commissions solar powered water project in Bulla Haji, Neboi Ward


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By Abdiweli Aden

Residents of Bulla Haji in Neboi ward of Mandera County have a reason to smile after the county government yesterday commissioned a solar powered water project in the area.

Commissioning the project, Mandera governor Ali Roba said that Bulla Haji was the last center along the river Daua in Mandera East to have a permanent water source.

“All the other centers from Border Point 1 (BP1) to Hareri have similar water projects” confirmed Roba adding that his government was undertaking drilling and equipping of 18 boreholes and the construction of 27 dams across the county.

The governor further said that his administration will implement reverse osmosis of Elwak and Wargadud water supplies as well as satellite mapping of underground water sources among other projects in an effort to tackle water challenges in the county.

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