Kwamchetsi, line up at the Busia border and I will line up at the Somali border


By S. Hassan,

In today’s Nation newspaper, Columnist Kwamchetsi Makokha wrote an article that offended me as a Somali and a Muslim. “Turning screws on Somalis will force them reveal attacks”.

I am wondering with what was going through his mind when he was writing that piece. I am equally appalled at how the Nation published an article that is filled with such fallacy, inconsistency and hate speech that can fuel xenophobia in the country.

Right of reply

Bwana Kwamchetsi Makokha, I thought you’ll be the last person to write a piece laden with hate speech such as this one.

Your article should not go unchallenged. It should be treated with the contempt it deserves given that it is full of fallacy, envy and shows that you have scanty knowledge of Somalis and Muslims at large. First and Foremost, you should know that terror attacks do not target only Christians as you put it. Somalis and Muslims at large have equally suffered both in Kenya and Somalia. We more often than not suffer more than anybody else when terrorists strike.

You claim that each IED is traced to a Somali. Was Elgiva Bwire who is currently serving a life sentence a Somali? There are many other non – Somalis too.

The innocent refugees that you accuse, just like the government did, of harming their hosts were forced to reside in the refugee camps by the same terrorists that you think they aide. They are attacked daily in the same camps too! They were forced to flee their home country by the same terrorists!

If you mean well, you would know that nobody will torch a house that he is inside. You would distinctively point out that there are innocent people and there are culprits too instead of your blanket condemnation of a whole community.

You seem to be envious of the wealth of Somalis. Yes, we don’t grow any cash crops but we mint our coins through our entrepreneurial skills, trust and pulling our resources together. You need to undertake a research on how we make our money rather than salivating with envy!

We are born and brought up in Kenya and we are not in Kenya by anyone’s invitation. You are not more Kenyan than we are. You are a Luhya and if you compare our contribution to this country as Somalis with yours as Luhya, you’ll know who is more Kenyan the two of us!

For your information, we have the perfect religion in Islam and we cover our girls with the robes and burqas you have an issue with to safeguard their chastity and preserve their golden features for the one that will rightfully marry them.

If a rapist were to spot two girls, one in robes and the other in mini-skirt you can imagine whom he will go for.

On why we are not assimilating and intermarrying with you, Somalis go for the best. They go for what matters most. They take and learn what will add value to their lives? Learning Luhya language will not help me in any way. It is not an international language after all.

I cannot be your mukhuwasi (brother-in-law) either. Our culture, behavior and eating habits are not compatible. I can’t take makhayo (cooked maize and beans) and inguleme (pig) in the morning (vushele) and afternoon (vwakwila).

Forgive me if I have mispronounced the few Luhya words I learnt so far!

Anyway no need for apologies, after all I am erasing them from my linguistic archives!

In conclusion, the day you go and line up at the Busia border to be processed for re-entry in to Kenya will be the same day I will go back to the Somali border for the same! Till then am here to stay with you. Utado?




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    • Well put hAssan….and here I was, thinking that Kwamchetsi, from his work in the civil society, is actually someone who is wise enough to know the difference between inciting the public and contributing to national cohesion in the country….how wrong I was……a pity for our country. With such articles from the likes of Makhokhas I wonder how long the center can hold…..I REALLY WONDER..

      • You have squarly tackled all the issues he raised. It is time the National Cohesion and Integration Commission to act upon him.

  1. Ahmed Daudin on

    Without Somalis Kenya is nothing. Kwamcheti is a cheat and a coward who can’t accept the reality.

  2. Kwamchetsi is a serial satirist and i dont want to appear as the devils advocate but i always read his column, he is witty and i dont think he meant any harm

  3. muzhaf hassan on

    well said….you who is near somali border than him who is to go beyond uganda to blue nile…. ur history is known Hassan but his is unknown….

  4. National Cohesion ant Integration Commission should review the article objectively and do the necessary.
    I urge all peace loving Kenyans to co-exist harmoniously as they used to.