Kerrow blasts local daily for begrudging allocation of county resources to Northern Kenya


By Hussein Ahmed

 Senator Billow Kerrow addressing a past rally in Mandera

Mandera Senator has accused a local daily of prejudice against counties in Northern Kenya after it ran a report that suggested the said counties did not deserve current allocations.

“The story in the Daily Nation today begrudging the allocation of county resources to Northern Kenya counties is a fallacy, and unashamedly spurious report intended to alienate the region further”. He said

Kerrow took issue with the paper for borrowing from a census report trashed by the courts more than three years ago.

“It is clear that there are folks in this country who still nurse a mindset that North Eastern Kenya does not deserve resources for some reason. Moreover, the paper fails to appreciate, deliberately, that this region does not receive any meaningful allocation out of the national government’s budget which continues to marginalize the region.” He added.

The Mandera Senator assured local residents that as their leaders, they were up to the task and will always fight for their rights saying the region owes no one an explanation regarding its existence and numbers.




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