Kenya’s new generation coins unveiled at CBK


By Linda Ngari For Citizen Digital

President Uhuru Kenyatta has officially launched Kenya’s new generation coins.

A statement from State House said the new coins have features that make them more accessible to the visually impaired.

“The new coins, which are now legal tender, were issued today via a gazette notice, and have significant aspects of our nation which will serve as a means of preserving our culture and passing relevant knowledge,” the President said.

The new coins come in units of Ksh.1, Ksh.5, Ksh.10 and Ksh.20 coins.

On Tuesday, President Kenyatta lauded the Central Bank of Kenya for considering public aspirations and ideas in the production of the new generation coins, which are compliant with the Constitution.

He also urged financial institutions to be innovative and look for new ways of availing affordable credit to Small and Medium Enterprises.




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