Kenyans need to be united to address emerging national issues together.


By Abdikadir Aden Hassan, HSC


Ambassador Abdikadir, HSC

Is Kenya at War? Is Kenya on fire? Or has Kenya stepped on a time bomb? These are what can come to a Kenyan’s mind. What has happened to our country? I presumed that Kenya would be the next Head of African States in coming generations.

I feel that we are not honest with ourselves. During the prolonged droughts, as a country, we stood together and said, “WEAREONE”. What has went wrong? Are we two now? Why are we divided now? Kenyans are at 24 War economy unlike 24hours development economy. They are fighting each other through all platforms. They are all bleeding but the funny part is they are bleeding inside.

I have just been going through different and bad times Kenya as a country has been through and thanks to the Lord and general Kenyans for bringing this country this much. Historical moments: Just five months ago, our country celebrated Kenya@50 for the milestone it has made since independence. Kenyans of different colours, race, religion and region joined hands together. It was a moment in history at least to be remembered. At this rate, am just surprised. Have we celebrated -50 years? Are we headed the opposite direction?

We are getting more divided by the day by emerging social issues. From poverty to national security matters. The few in power will use all means and ways to protect their wealth, the poor mother is getting even poorer.

I feel so bad when a woman gets thrown out of a public service vehicle for her origin. My neighbours come from other parts of the country and we even share future plans for this nation together for being so close. It is so sad when on the other side someone of my origin is thrown out for no good reason.

This is why we have two types of people in Kenya. Those who care as patriots and those who don’t care at all. No Kenyan should allow anyone to take advantage of the current situation. Together we will win.

Insecurity and war are global issues and its spreading all over. Look for example in Central Africa Republic, Nigeria, Syria, Egypt, Ukraine and South Sudan.What has Kenya achieved in that war? Has it made the price of rice or beans go down? Has the poverty level reduced? Has the level of corruption reduced? All of these are a big NO. That means the KDF being in Somalia is of no benefit to us.Personally I am for the idea that Kenyan Defense Forces be withdrawn from Somalia.

The biggest question is why did we invade Somalia? Take a good example, when the US invaded Afghanistan? There were so many families that were traumatized by their men and women in uniform and the trend of suicide bombing in broad daylight was the end result. Is Kenya headed for the same direction?

To improve insecurity in this country, we really need to look at it as a common threat and not target a community or a religion. The same community or religion will be of great importance especially in intelligence gathering and peace building.

As long as Kenyans are divided, they will never achieve anything for themselves or for their country in tackling the insecurity in Kenya.This xenophobia by other Kenyans towards one religion and community is never going to make us one but instead divide us more. We have to understand that what makes Kenyans the same is that they share the same problem.

From the highest leadership in the country; The President to lowest; the members of the county assemblies, I urge you all as leaders to speak in one language. Leadership is about joining hands for the betterment of the people and the country at large. Whatever words you say, will bond this country together or burn this nation to ashes.

The Media must take leading role in promoting peace and inspiration and to be non-partisan in whatever coverage they are making. Their coverage favoring only one side of the story will never unite us.

There is no national cohesion at all. We are integrated, intermarried, transacting all kinds of business together but deep inside our hearts, we see ourselves as enemies within enemies.

The President must bring together all leaders and justify the unity of Kenya. This country needs to pray together and forgive each other. I remembered this quote, “A family that usually prays together, stays together”

Kenyans must be united and in solidarity to win any war together and to develop this beautiful country.

Abdikadir Aden Hassan, HSC

Africa Development Ambassador,

Peace and Environment Ambassador,

Garissa County.

Twitter: @Katharow






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