Invest in Islamic education, Duale urges Muslims


By Suleiman Hassan

Leader of House majority Hon. Duale speaking at the event. with him is Wajir East MP Hon. Abass Sheikh Mohamed.

Leader of Majority and Garissa Township MP Hon. Aden Duale has urged Muslims to invest heavily in the development of their religion.

Speaking at Nomads palace hotel in Nairobi on Saturday after presiding over a fundraiser in aid of Hadado Islamic center in Wajir, Duale said that investing in Islamic education systems is the only way to fight the increasing misconception about the religion.

“We must always be at the forefront in supporting the construction of Islamic institutions like Madarasa, Mosques and Duksi. We ask Allah to fill the hearts of our Muslim leaders and business to use their resources, energy and intellect for the development of Islam” he said.

Hadado Islamic center is located in Hadado, Wajir West.

Wajir West MP. Hon. Abdikadir Ore and his Eldas counterpart Hon. Aden Keynan at the event.

Area MP Hon. Abdikadir Ore who spearheaded the organization of the fundraiser thanked all those who generously contributed towards the project.

The event was attended by Members of Parliament from North Eastern and businessmen among other dignitaries.

More than 7Million Kenya shillings was raised.




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